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2019 Global Leadership Summit

Stu Ackman

Join the UNA-USA Minnesota Chapter at the 2019 Global Leadership Summit!
Every year, we join forces on Capitol Hill to advocate for a strong U.S.-UN partnership and make sure Congress hears our message: We stand with the United Nations.

About the Leadership Summit

It matters now more than ever that we make our voices heard to protect the vital work of the United Nations. With proposed bills in Congress aimed at either dramatically reducing U.S. funding for the UN or withdrawing our country entirely from the global body, the UNA-USA community must come together and fight for what we know is right: Standing with refugees; demanding equality for women; protecting LGBT rights; combating climate change; working for peace; and more.

Every year in June, our members convene on Capitol Hill to make sure Congress gets the message. The 2019 Global Leadership Summit will take place from June 9-11.

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United Nations Association of MN to Become the Newest Recipient of Kowalski’s “Groceries for Good Causes” Program

Stu Ackman

Beginning April 1, the United Nations Association of Minnesota has been chosen to join the generous “Groceries for Good Causes” program. UNA-MN president Stu Ackman notes, “our new partnership with Kowalski’s will help us to expand the impact of our popular Model UN program. Charitable donations enable us to bring the Model UN to students in economically disadvantaged schools. The program provides a great opportunity to introduce youth to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations.”

The UNA-MN will have a receipt box beginning April 1 and supporters are urged to take advantage of this opportunity. “The more receipts we receive in our box, the bigger the impact our Model UN can have on students in our community!” said Ackman. In keeping with the guidelines of the Groceries for Good Causes program, UNA-MN box will only be at one location: the Kowalski’s on Grand Ave in St. Paul.

To participate visit Kowalski’s Market, 1261 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105 and be sure to leave your receipt in the UNA-MN receipt box located at the exit.