Dear Colleagues and friends,

This is a complicated time in United States history, it is a time that makes it possible to speak honestly about our strengths and weaknesses. In fact, we crave these conversations. Racism, poverty, broken criminal justice system, lack of adequate health care, an overburdened educational system, our climate and deteriorating ecosystems all demand our attention.

For all of this, through history the United States has been a beacon of hope and freedom.  Let us remember that as World War ll was ending the United States insured the founding of the United Nations 75 years ago. The United Nations is built on the principles of Peace, Justice, and Human Rights, and is an integral part of the fabric of the world.

What is the United Nations Association of Minnesota doing to contribute to the well-being of Minnesota and our Planet?

Since 2004 more than 25,000 middle and senior high school students have participated in our Model United Nations program. This year the Spring Conference with 425+ students from 10 area high schools had to be cancelled as a result of Covid-19. We now are planning for the fall for either an in-person or virtual Model UN.

Our public programing for the balance of the year will be built on four of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals: Goal # 3, Good Health and Well-being; Goal # 13, Climate Action; Goal # 14, Life Below Water, and Goal # 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Board members and other volunteers will form teams with each team taking one of the 4 goals for a two-week period. Each team will be responsible for an action which accomplishes a hands-on connection with that goal. As an example, for Goal # 13, Climate Action, we might plant trees in an area that will benefit from more greenery. Additionally, teams will create a communication/social media plan to educate and advocate for the specific goal.

We invite you to join one of the SDG teams! Team planning will start at the end of June. Please contact me by phone or email at the address below if you are interested. Another way to support us is by becoming a member!  Here is the link to Membership.

Stu Ackman
President, UNA-MN
What is our plan for the balance of 2020?


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