United Nations Association of USA

The Harold E. Stassen Minnesota Chapter (UNA-MN)


Presented to UNA-MN Board of Directors on March 13, 2022

Approved and Adopted March 23, 2022

This resolution is intended to be a general and comprehensive guide and example for the chapters and divisions of the United Nations Association of USA and like-minded groups to develop and adopt their own statements. It is intended to be a declaration of the position and views of an entity regarding Russia’s military attack on Ukraine. It is written in the traditional format of a “Resolution”. It is not a letter, opinion article, issue brief, scholarly article, research paper or media release and is not addressed to any one individual or group. Once approved and adopted by an organization, copies of it can be sent to the media, political leaders, appropriate governmental units, civic organizations and general public. It lists the current conditions of the Russia-Ukraine war and calls for possible actions to bring about a ceasefire and use diplomatic and peaceful means to achieve a durable solution to the human-made disaster. It is intended to be as factual and impartial as possible.


Whereas, we find the military operation by the government of Russia against the sovereign state of Ukraine to be illegal and in violation of the Charter of the United Nations (UN); and

Whereas, this invasion is causing unnecessary and extensive death and destruction in Ukraine; and

Whereas, the innocent civilian population of Ukraine is being severely and deliberately targeted, traumatized, and victimized; and

Whereas most people of Ukraine caught in the crossfire and subjected to heavy shelling and bombing have had no belligerent intentions toward Russia; and

Whereas, we passionately believe that diplomatic and peaceful approaches toward solving the problem of the civil war in Donbas region of Ukraine existed before the Russian military attack of February 24, 2022, and still exist today; and

Whereas, we are cognizant of Russia’s and Ukraine’s cultural ties to each other, their national identities and heritage as well as their geo-political and geo-strategic disagreements and disputes; and

Whereas, we sense that this invasion will cause severe damage to the world economy, including that of Russia and cause more poverty, malnutrition, disease and death; and

Whereas, this military attack by Russia has seriously endangered world peace by aligning certain countries to form opposing and dangerous alliances against one another; and

Whereas, this war is forcing countries to allocate more precious resources to weapons and military defense instead of food, medical care, housing, education, and environmental protection; and 

Whereas, Russia as a nuclear power is now in military confrontation with Ukraine which is being supported and armed by countries of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) and specially the United States (US) which also possess nuclear arms; and

Whereas, we greatly fear that this military conflict will expand and move into neighboring states and nations; and

Whereas, we deeply worry that this conflict could become a world war and a nuclear one; and

Whereas, we expect this ominous situation to get worse unless brought under control immediately; and  

Whereas, we recognize the absolute sovereignty of all independent countries and their right to self-determination and believe that ALL international concerns, grievances and disputes between them must be resolved only through diplomacy and non-violence; and

Whereas, the Secretary General of the UN and the majority the member states of the UN General Assembly have condemned this invasion and urged immediate cease fire and peace talks; 


Condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine strongly and unequivocally.

Express our outrage at the targeting of civilians and destruction of civil infra-structure by the Russian military.

Urge President Putin of Russia to order an immediate cease fire in Ukraine; and continue direct negotiations with the government of Ukraine.

Encourage the United Nations, NATO, OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), and, the United States to facilitate and expedite a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine. This agreement shall recognize the sovereign rights of Ukraine.

Urge the Secretary General of the UN to begin the process of getting approval and assembling a peacekeeping force to be deployed in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Urge all individuals and groups in Minnesota, the US, and the world to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine wherever they may be.

Urge the people and governments of all countries to increase their moral and financial support of the UN agencies such as High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), World Food Program (WFP), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) etc., at the forefront of Ukraine emergency assistance. 

Urge all citizens and governments of the world to refrain from blaming and condemning, or discriminating against, the ordinary people of Russia and those of Russian background, most of whom have had nothing to do with this invasion.

Urge the leaders of US, Russia and NATO countries to refrain from making threatening and provocative statements which could aggravate the intensity of this disaster.

Urge all police and military units, government officials and citizens in general in all countries to observe and respect the human rights and civil liberties of refugees, displaced persons, detainees, prisoners, nationals of Russia and Ukraine as well as those with opposing views and beliefs. 

Urge the International Criminal Court (ICC) to continue its investigation concerning whether war crimes have been or are being committed by the Russian as well as Ukrainian military and leadership.

And, urge all the leaders of the countries involved and concerned to continue bringing their complaints, grievances, peace initiatives and reconciliation plans to the world forum of the United Nations.

Prepared and submitted by:

M. Jay Shahidi, Board Member of the United Nations Association of Minnesota and

Member of the National Council of United Nations Association of USA
March 09, 2022


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