October 3, 2022

Dear Friends of United Nations Association of Minnesota,

We ask you to imagine what a strengthened Model UN program can do to inspire, educate and empower our future generation of leaders!

The Mission of UNA of Minnesota is to do just that. With strong teacher encouragement, an enthusiastic core of volunteers, and a determined board of directors, we are bringing our Model UN programs back in person. The Fall and Spring State Conferences remain our flagship program, and our November 18th Conference is in final preparations.

But our Model UN program needs your financial support to realize what we imagine to be possible!


Imagine: An enlightened and engaged next generation of leaders better prepared to dismantle racism and inequalities and take on the challenges of global cooperation.

Imagine:  An education program that has engaged and indelibly impacted more than 27,000 Minnesota high school and middle school students. Model UN experiences provide students with new perspectives on global issues and the skills to conduct robust debate around these issues. A program that helps students excel academically, and to think intelligently about world problems.

Imagine:  An education program that is so widely regarded among teachers that they incorporate the Model UN curriculum into their social studies classes providing skills such as negotiation, conflict resolution, and the responsibilities of global citizenship.

Imagine:  An education program that helps teachers create classrooms where inclusion, reflection and participation are valued, where students grapple with moral dilemma, develop their convictions, and gain confidence to stand up for what they believe.

This is the mission of the Model UN Program of the United Nations Association of Minnesota.

In addition, we are focused on engaging more inner-city students in our conferences. These students are among our future leaders and often do not have the opportunities to explore the roles they could play in our nation and world. Participation in Model UN gives this opportunity. Inner-city schools cannot accommodate the costs of registration, bussing and lunch.

W E   N E E D   Y O U R   H E L P

Our post-COVID financial resources are limited, straining our ability to bring our UNA-MN programs back in person, as well as subsidizing inner-city initiatives.

Please consider making a one-time donation to the United Nations Association of Minnesota. Your gift will go directly (and immediately) to support fall and spring Model UN conferences and to help fund our work with inner-city schools.

 Please go to our website to make on an on-line contribution at www.unamn.org/about/donate, or mail a check to our office at 821 Raymond Avenue, Suite 400, Saint Paul, MN 55114. If you go to the website, consider making a recurring contribution.

With appreciation and gratitude, we thank you.


Board of Directors

United Nations Association, Minnesota Chapter

The United Nations Association of Minnesota is a §501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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