United Nations Association of USA
The Harold E. Stassen Minnesota Chapter (UNA-MN)

We condemn the violent attack by Hamas against Israeli civilians and the taking of innocent hostages.

We also criticize Israel’s military attacks that result in violence against Palestinian civilians.

We call for an immediate return of all hostages in good condition, coupled with a pause in all hostilities that would lead to a complete cease fire, robust humanitarian aid for those living in Gaza and Israel,  before tens of thousands more are killed or injured. At the same time, we call for the commencement of a comprehensive peace agreement between Palestine and Israel, aided and supported by the surrounding regional powers.

NOW is the time to say, enough is enough. We condemn anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and similar religious, racial, and ethnic hatred in all countries of the world, including the United States. Citizens of goodwill on all sides must come together, denounce the bigots and haters who want to perpetuate violence for their own benefit, and create the leadership for peace AND a resolution of differences.

We must remember that war benefits no one who cares about humanity. ONLY a commitment to peace followed by appropriate actions to end this protracted antagonism will bring about the peace and prosperity that all Israelis, Palestinians, and other peoples of good will in this region and around the world seek.

Approved by the United Nations Association Board of Directors, this 7th day of November 2023.


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